Endeavour Is Homeless Until Its New Owners Raise $100 Million

Space Shuttle Endeavour

[credit provider=”The Los Angeles Times” url=”http://framework.latimes.com/2012/10/15/time-lapse-video-space-shuttle-endeavours-trek-across-l-a/”]

After one cross-country plane ride, four weeks in a temporary hangar, and a nightmarish 12-mile, 3-day journey through the city streets of Los Angeles, the Space Shuttle Endeavour finally made it to the California Science centre — it’s final resting place after NASA’s shuttle program was retired last year.  That’s great news!

Except the Science centre isn’t fully prepared to the house the 170,000-pound orbiter. It’s still missing half (!) of the $200 million needed to cover the cost of transporting the space shuttle and to finish construction on its permanent display site, called the Samuel Oschin Air and Space centre.  

LA Weekly’s Tessa Stuart explains:

It turns out, even counting the $15 million raised with the help of several foundations, and about $1 million a piece donated by companies like AEG, Time Warner Cable and Toyota, the Science centre has only raised about $100 million — half of what it needs — since the fundraising campaign was announced last year. 

While Endeavour waits for its permanent home to be completed, the space vehicle will hang out in a temporary pavilion, which opens to the public on Oct. 30.

In the meantime, the museum is giving space enthusiasts a chance to raise money for the Endeavour’s new home by sending out a special Tweet. Toyota will donate $50 to the Science centre for each tweet.

Or, you can sponsor a thermal tile for $25,000. Just sayin’. 

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