Awesome Pictures Of Space Shuttle Discovery Flying Over Washington D.C.

In its final flight before heading to the Smithsonian air museum, the space shuttle Discovery took off from Kennedy Space centre in Cape Canaveral this morning riding on the back of a modified Boeing 747.

The shuttle flew over several Washington landmarks, including the National Malll, before landing at Dulles International Airport and being placed on display at the Smithsonian’s Udvar Hazy centre.  

Former Senior Photo Editor at AOL Lee Van Grack (@LeeVanGrack) just sent over this picture of the shuttle at National Airport in Washington, D.C: 

Shuttle finale

Photo: Lee Van Grack

Twitter user @PapaBradstein posted this photo as spectators applauded: 


Photo: @PapaBradstein

Flying over the National Mall by @AsianMartin:

Space shuttle Discovery

Photo: @AsianMartin

A photo of the shuttle from the DC Waterfront posted by @NASAhistory


Photo: @NASAhistory

Over the White House by @aliciacohn:


Photo: @aliciacohn

The view from the U.S. Department of Education by @usedgov:


Now check out some concept planes designed for NASA >

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