Soylent is branching out beyond liquid nutrition with its new energy bar

Soylent BarSoylentSoylent’s snack bar is caramel flavored and Soylent says it contains 12.5% of daily nutritional needs.

Food startup Soylent is dipping a toe into the snack world with its newest product: the Soylent Bar.

Announced late Tuesday, the Soylent Bar is currently available to order on Soylent’s website. Soylent says the bar provides an eighth of an average adult’s daily dietary requirements and contains 250 calories. A box of 12 bars costs $22.80 for subscribers and $24 for a single order.

The bar marks a departure from Soylent’s previous products, which in the past have been drinks and powders designed to replace entire meals — Soylent markets the new bar as a “snack or small meal.”

It’s also a sign that Soylent is rapidly expanding its product line: the company introduced Coffiest, a coffee-flavored version of its meal-replacement milkshake, last week.

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