Map Of Every Sovereign Wealth Fund In The World Reveals Trusts In Our Own Backyard We Didn't Know Existed

Lots of countries have so much oil and gas wealth that they don’t know to do with it.

Some U.S. states do too.

So they put it into a sovereign wealth fund — basically a giant, actively-managed investment portfolio.

Here’s a map of every sovereign wealth fund in the world, via the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (red=oil and gas, blue=not, although we think there’s some overlap).

sovereign wealth fund map

Here is what stood out to us:

  • Most people know about Alaska’s oil fund. But did you know Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming also have SWFs? New Mexico’s is valued at $16.3, larger than Chile’s Social and Economic stabilisation fund. Most of these are from oil and gas royalties, although some, like New Mexico, have quirkier origins like a massive tobacco company settlement.
  • Norway’s fund, worth $737 billion and the world’s largest, is larger than every fund in Africa and Europe (including Russia’s two funds worth $187 billion) combined.
  • The tiny island of Kiribati, a few hundred miles south of Hawaii, has its own fund (it’s worth $600 million).

But you gotta see the whole interactive thing to learn more (click here).

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