This Awesome Time Lapse Video Shows How Airlines Install Wifi On Planes

Short of modern safety advancements, the arrival of in-flight wifi may be the most significant development in modern airline travel.

The availability of satellite-based wifi has revolutionised productivity for passengers and opened up new vistas for entertainment.

Gone are the days of the giant overhead projectors; the era of the private entertainment screen may be coming to a close, as well. In their places will likely be a streaming-based entertainment system, driven by wifi, that will allow passengers to consume media on their own devices.

The video below is courtesy of Row44 Wifi, whose wireless in-flight internet systems are some of the popular in the industry. The installation process looks fairly complicated and time-consuming.

In addition to Southwest Airlines, Row44 systems can be found on Norwegian Air Shuttle, Icelandair, and others. 

So far, Row44 has installed wifi on more than 400 of Southwest’s fleet of Boeing 737 airliners.

Check out the video:

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