UPDATE: Southern Mississippi's Band Yelled Racist Chants At A Hispanic Player Today

During the first half of today’s opening round game of the NCAA tournament between Southern Miss and Kansas State, Angel Rodriguez was fouled on a drive to the basket.

As he headed towards the line to take his free throws, you can hear somebody in the crowd chant “Where’s your green card?!” After the initial chant, others can be heard joining in before it quickly died down.

Well, according to Cole Manbeck of the Manhattan Mercury, those chants came from the Southern Miss band which was sitting behind the basket at that end of the court.

[UPDATE] According to the Hattiesburg American, Southern Mississippi University has issued a formal apology to Kansas State University and vowed to take “quick and appropriate disciplinary action against the students involved.”

Here’s the video (chant starts at 0:15 mark)…


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