South Korean Stock Broker Sends Apology Text Messages Then Jumps To His Death Amid Market Turmoil

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Financial markets have experienced a volatile week.

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World financial markets, which have been rocked by fears surrounding the U.S. economy and the ongoing euro zone crisis, pushed a stock broker who felt bad about his clients’ losses to take his own life Wednesday.A South Korean stock broker jumped to his death from a high-rise building after suffering losses amid global financial panic, police said.

From NBC Los Angeles:

“The 48-year-old broker, identified only as “Seo,” sent text messages to colleagues expressing regret over severe losses, just minutes before leaping to his death Wednesday in the city of Daegu, according to Chief investigator Lee Kang-ho.”

The stock broker sent text messages apologizing to his clients for the massive losses, the report said.

South Korea reportedly has one of the highest suicide rates in the developed world.

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