South Korea, Delaware: Broadband Meccas For Bandwidth Hogs


If you want lots of super-fast broadband Internet access, Web content delivery firm Akamai Technologies (AKAM) reminds you to go to South Korea. If you don’t want to travel too far, hop on over to… Delaware!

In its Q1 “State of the Internet” report, Akamai says that 64% per cent of South Korean Internet connections to Akamai are faster than 5 megabits per second — the best of any country — and 60% of Delaware’s connections are, too — the best of any U.S. state.

Why Delaware (and no. 2 Rhode Island?) They’re small, dense, wealthy, and close to major East Coast cities.

The U.S. comes in seventh on Akamai’s global list, with a pathetic 20% of connections over 5 Mbps. New York is third on the list of states with 36% of connections above 5 Mbps; California doesn’t crack the top 10.


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