Entire Town Could Be Totally Wiped Out By Colorado Wildfire

South Fork, a mountain town of 400 residents in Colorado, may be completely destroyed by a massive wildfire, the Associated Press reports.

Chances of saving the small tourist town are low to moderate, fire officials told the AP. The town’s residents were evacuated friday morning.

Wildfires have taken over much of Colorado for the past week and a half. Two people have died and about 400 homes had been lost as of earlier this week in the Black Forest fire northeast of Colorado Springs.

Dry conditions and high winds have allowed fires to spread quickly and made them difficult to contain.

The fires have nearly wiped out entire neighborhoods. Photos of the destruction from the Black Forest fire show some homes standing miraculously untouched amidst a charred forest.

South Fork is a tourist town in the southwest part of the state. It is situated hundreds of miles away from Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

Earlier in the day the Colorado State Patrol Trooper Twitter account tweeted this picture of South Fork, pointing out that winds were “picking up significantly:”

South Fork, Colorado

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