This Group Is Going All In To Try To Pull Off A Democratic Surprise In South Dakota

Mike Rounds South DakotaAPRick Weiland smiles at the South Dakota Democratic Party’s convention earlier this year.

The self-proclaimed “Super PAC to end all Super PACs” is investing more into the suddenly close US Senate race in South Dakota, aiming to push once-Democratic longshot candidate Rick Weiland out on top.

MayDay.US, the super PAC led by political activist Lawrence Lessig, is upping its investment in the race to $US1.25 million, a $US250,000 increase from its original announcement last week. The total is more than either national party is spending and makes MayDay the largest independent spender in the race, a spokesman for the group told Business Insider.

The new ad from the group, which is backing candidates who support campaign-finance reform, features Sioux Falls resident Barbara Sogn-Frank, who plays in a church band with Weiland.

“Rick is running to take our country back from the big money and those special interests,” Barbara says in the ad.

The spokesman said the ad will run on broadcast and cable television throughout the state leading up to Election Day. South Dakota has suddenly become one of the more interesting and close Senate races, as both national parties have increased their investments in the race. The senate campaign arms of both the Democratic and Republican parties have recently put in $US1 million each to the race.

Here’s the script of the MayDay ad:

Barbara: I played in the church band with Rick and his daughters. We’ve known each other for years. Rick is running to take our country back from the big money and those special interests.

Narrator: Rick Weiland believes all of us deserve an even playing field, instead of sweetheart deals for special interests. Rick will raise the minimum wage, invest in education, and protect and expand Social Security.

Barbara: Rick is fighting that for people like me, ordinary South Dakotans.

Here’s the ad:

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