South Carolina's New Basketball Coach Admits He Used To Give Money To College Players

Frank Martin

Photo: AP Images

Frank Martin, who is best known as the fiery over-the-top coach at Kansas State, will be the next head coach at South Carolina according to a report in The State, a newspaper in South Carolina (via The Kansas City Star).This move comes one day after Martin, who was serving as an analyst for CBS, admitted during a segment of the NCAA Tournament telecast that he used to pay his former players when he was a high school coach in Miami. (via Kansas City Star)…

If I can add something here, I coached 16 years in the same inner city in Miami that I grew up in. Do you know how much money I sent to kids that played for me in high school when they were in college because I knew where they came from? I knew they didn’t have a father figure. I’m not going to tell you who they were, but I sent them a lot of money over the years to make sure they could take their girlfriend out to the movies, make sure they could wash their clothes and do all the things that scholarship money don’t cover. They don’t have an option. It’s not like they can work while they’re in college. They can’t find ways to make money. When there is no money at home, who is going to help these guys?

It is hard to imagine Martin, Kansas State, or South Carolina will face discipline for his actions before he was a college coach. But you can imagine the NCAA is going to want to know which players were paid, and at which schools, and whether any wins or even championships need to be vacated.

It also opens up the question of whether Martin paid players at Kansas State. If he was willing to break the rules as a high school coach because he felt justified, what kept him from doing the same with players that he was close to in Miami?

Martin is an outspoken person. But he may have started a poop-storm that could get worse before it gets better.

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