3 GOP candidates just got left in the dust in South Carolina

South Carolina’s Saturday primary quickly separated the six GOP presidential candidates into two groups: top-tier and second-tier candidates.

With about a quarter of precincts reporting, Donald Trump held a comfortable lead, with over 30% of the vote. Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were competing for second with about 21% apiece.

The other three candidates — Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ben Carson — didn’t appear as if they would break into double digits.

Bush had 8.5%, Kasich had 8.4%, and Carson had 6.1%, with 22% of precincts reporting.

This numbers were likely particularly disappointing for Bush, who campaigned aggressively in South Carolina. In contrast, Kasich wasn’t even in the state on Saturday: He chose to spend the day campaigning in New England.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said on air that it would be “tough to make the argument” that Bush should continue his campaign after South Carolina.

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