South Australia wants to join the eastern states in the same time zone

St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide. Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The South Australia government wants to move clocks forward 30 minutes so the state is in the same time zone as the eastern states.

The change could bring major economic benefits, adding $2.5 billion into the economy, according to a report compiled by the SA Centre for Economic Studies .

Others include an end to time-delayed sports broadcasts, greater convenience for tourists and a half hour of sunlight at the end of the working day.

It would also be good for business and easier to get colleagues in he eastern states on the phone.

Premier Jay Weatherill says more work needs to be done before a decision is made but the option of a local, unofficial time could be considered for the Eyre Peninsula which is further west from Adelaide.

Currently Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) is 30 minutes ahead of South Australia which operates in Australian Central Standard Time (ACST). Western Australia is 90 minutes behind South Australia.

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