South Australia just built the nation’s first electric bus

Source: Warner Bros, Pinterest/atomicscout

An Australian company has built an electric bus for commuters in Adelaide.

Precision Buses was commissioned by the South Australian state government, with a $2 million grant, to build two electric and two low-emission diesel buses.

The just-completed first vehicle will now become the first electric bus designed, engineered and built in Australia to be used in a public transport system.

“This project demonstrates how capable our automotive workers are, with skills that can be used in advanced manufacturing and other industries,” said South Australia manufacturing and innovation minister Kyam Maher.

Electric bus in green and low-emissions bus in red livery. (Source: Kyam Maher)

“The closure of Holden is just four months away and the state government is committed to supporting workers into transitioning into new roles and helping businesses to diversify.”

Precision Buses is a joint venture between Precision Components Australia and Bustech, with ZF Lemforder Australia chipping in with specialist knowledge for the electric bus project.

The trial with the four vehicles will provide the state government with data on how electric and low-carbon buses could be used in Adelaide’s public transit network.

The success of the project has seen Precision Buses contracted to produce 50 more low-carbon buses for New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. The extra work will increase the current 29 employees to 79..