South Australia is about to get hit really hard by bad weather again

Photo: BOM

South Australians were told to leave work early on Thursday afternoon in order to avoid another devastating storm bearing down on the capital, Adelaide.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, renewed storms clouds are rolling just like yesterday and South Australia is about get hit as hard if not worse. The storm is heading east. but a renewed low means the state will cop a beating again.

A severe weather warning has been put in place by the BOM, with winds of up to 130km/h expected to hit.

The Hutt River in Clare in the mid-north region of South Australia, 136 km north of Adelaide, was experiencing flooding late on Thursday afternoon and it is expected to get worse.

The entire state went without power and ground to a halt yesterday as the city was in total darkness. BHP even suspended its Olympic Dam copper gold and uranium mine operations in Coober Pedy because of power failures from the storms.

Tornadoes formed around several areas of the state yesterday, causing massive damage.

Strong winds twisted electricity towers around easily like soft licquorice.