A Fast-Food Chain Creates ‘Braille Burgers’ So Blind People Can ‘See’ Food

South African fast-food chain, Wimpy, has come up with an unique campaign to let the visually impaired know they offer braille menus in all of their restaurants. (via Taxi).

The hamburger joint had chefs use tweezers to individually apply sesame seeds to soft dough to spell out messages in braille like “100% Pure Beef Burger Made For You.”

The burgers were then delivered to three blind institutions, and the cameras rolled as the special sandwiches were placed in front of 15 visually-impaired people. 

According to the commercial, by making just 15 braille burgers, the company’s message was spread “to 800,000 sight-disabled people” after eaters wrote about it in emails and braille newsletters. 

Watch the three-minute ad, which takes you through the entire braille-burger-making process, below: