Sources Dump On Microsoft-Yahoo rumour -- "It's Idiotic" (YHOO)

talked to a “source close to Microsoft’s thinking” about rumours that several unnamed Silicon Valley executives were planning to borrow money from Microsoft (MSFT), buy Yahoo (YHOO) at $13 per share, and then sell Yahoo’s search to Microsoft. The source did not react kindly, calling the deal “idiotic.” Full quote:

“We can deal directly with Yahoo, which is moving through a process to get a new CEO, and when the time is right, we will deal with their leadership,” said a source close to Microsoft’s thinking. “Getting involved in some convoluted deal with others in control…it’s idiotic.”

Likewise, a Yahoo source dumped on the deal too, calling it “silly”:

“I guess anyone can make a bid for the company,” said one source. “But actually doing it is another thing.

We’re just as sceptical, especially since the Yahoo shareholder among us couldn’t hide his disdain for a $13 per share offer.

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