SOURCE: Twitter Will Start To Function More Like Facebook On Feb. 1

Coke’s enhanced Twitter profile page.

[credit provider=”Twitter”]

Twitter is set to roll out enhanced profile pages after Feb. 1, a source tells us, and those pages will give brands the ability to build platforms on their pages that could include iFrame environments, allowing users to play games or shop on a brand’s site without actually leaving the Twitter environment.In other words, Twitter’s brand pages are going to start to function more like the way Facebook’s brand pages do.

Twitter declined to comment.

Enhanced profile pages launched quietly in December, with a few invitation-only companies such as Coca-Cola (pictured) and HP being given the opportunity to test them. The pages are splashier and more visually appealing than the one-dimensional column of tweets that the rest of us have.

Enhanced profile pages are part of Twitter’s Q2 product rollout plan, according to a person who received a briefing on the topic from a senior Twitter executive.

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