Source: ‘Trimming Fat’ With Exec Firings, Q4 Looking Good (CRM)


Earlier this morning SAI reported three top executives departed (CRM), and noted analysts were telling Reuters that could be a sign of trouble at the Software-as-a-Service vendor.

Not true, says a source we would classify as highly reliable. We hear:

Like any other high-growth company, sfdc developed a bunch of organizational fat.  Now is a good time to trim the fat. Cakebread, for example, joined as CFO. Then they hired another CFO but kept Cakebread around as a “Chief Strategy Officer” (not exactly the ideal role for a CFO).

They also had redundancy in sales management (Hanna). I also hear that Dave Oricco is out too (probably the other “unnamed” VP). He was in sales.

We hear they had a strong Q4.

We have a call in to Salesforce to confirm Oricco is indeed the “unnamed” VP.

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