Source: No Beatles On iTunes Next Week


Shortly after convincing ourselves that Apple was set to start selling Beatles songs via iTunes next week, we talked to a well-informed source who tells us that’s not happening.

So what will Steve Jobs be talking about next Tuesday? Our source is reasonably sure of the following:

• A new iPod, which may or may not be distinct from a new touch-screen device — essentially an iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls.

• A new feature for iPhone users that will allow them to make ringtones out of songs they’ve already purchased from iTunes. This is a long-overdue step for the digital music business, which has found itself in the weird position of selling complete digital songs for a dollar but 15-second ringtone snippets of the same songs for $2.50. One caveat: songs from Universal Music, which is in a pissing match with Apple over pricing and other issues, won’t be available.