Is Your iPad Never Quite Loud Enough? This Kickstarter Project Will Give It A Boost


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Kickstarter startup SoundJaw fills a much needed niche: a cheap product that amps up the volume of your iPad.The video may be cheesy, but we want a SoundJaw.

It’s built from plastic, engineered by Matthew McLachlan in Denver, CO.

Clip the SoundJaw on to the bottom corner of your iPad 2, and it greatly amplifies the sound coming out of the speaker.

No more struggling with propping the iPad 2 up on pillows and cupping your hands to make sure the sound gets to you.

The SoundJaw is made for the iPad 2, but apparently works with the first generation iPad as well. And don’t worry–it will work with your SmartCover magnetically latched on if you want to play music with the screen off.

McLachlan has raised $3,889 thus far, hoping to raise $7,000 in total to get the project off the ground. With the money he raises, McLachlan hopes to fund a commercial featuring the SoundJaw and a helicopter, apparently.

Pledge $20.00, and McLachlan will mail you one of the first SoundJaw’s he produces. Pledge $750.00 or more, and he’ll send you an iPad 2 with 10 SoundJaws to go along with it.

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