How To Automatically Sort Thousands Of IPhone Photos Into Albums

Smartphone cameras are so easy to use, they can turn all of us into amateur photographers. The downside of this, however, is that we collect so many photos but don’t have a way to quickly sort them.

Impala is a free iOS app that can identify certain traits in pictures and quickly sort them into photo albums. It categorizes them with broad topics like Food, Friends, Outside, etc.

It doesn’t work flawlessly. Sometimes you have to jump in there and make a few edits to help the app sort things out.

You can download the app here. Here’s how it works:

Impala will give you a quick rundown of what it will do before it starts the download process.

The download process will begin quickly after that prompt. Impala’s download speed will vary based on how many pictures are on your phone.

More albums will be added as time goes on.

You can tap on any album to view the pictures

Tap on any album to view the pictures once the upload process is finished.

You can add a photo album to your iPhone photo gallery at the top. The “Time” option will organise pictures based on the exact moment they were taken; “Score” will place the most accurate pictures for the album at the top.

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