Sorry, Steve: Tim Cook For Apple CEO

Apple COO Tim Cook

Steve Jobs is ready to come back as Apple CEO. But should he? BusinessWeek‘s Arik Hesseldahl isn’t so sure. He says interim CEO Tim Cook — who took over Apple (AAPL) while Steve recovered his health — should get that job permentantly and Steve should become Apple’s chairman.

Arik gives two main reasons. They are:

Tim already acts like a CEO and Steve, a chairman. Cook is the guy who already overseas day-to-day operations of Apple’s 35,000 people, generating $32 billion in sales each year. Steve is the visionary and public face. “Promoting Cook would make official the de facto roles he and Jobs have already been playing,” writes Arik.

Tim did a fantastic job while Steve was away.

  • Shares rose 85%
  • Apple settled a suit with IBM over new iPhone and iPod engineering boss Mark Papermaster
  • The billionth iPhone app was downloaded.
  • Apple had its best non-holiday sales quarter ever, despite the recession.
  • Apple launched a new iPod and upgraded several computers.

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