Sorry Prius, Volvo Is The Greenest Car Of The Year

The price of oil in Big Macs. []

Sorry Prius, Volvo is the greenest car of the year. [Guardian]

There are dozens of electric cars set to enter the market it in the next five years.  Unfortunately, no one wants them. [Earth2Tech]

The problems with offsets, and how to get them right. [Grist]

Has the solar market finally bottomed out? [BusinessWeek]

Shell pays $15.5 million in settlement with the families of Ken Saro-Wiwa, an executed Nigerian opposition leader, and other activists hanged by the military government in 1995. [FT]

What happens when coal is no longer cheap or plentiful. [Greentech Media]

The Economist runs down GM’s errors. [Economist]

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