It's Official: Weinsteins Out, Gores In With Disney On Miramax Talks

Disney’s Miramax negotiations are becoming one of those hard-to-keep-track-of fast-breaking stories.

But here’s what you need to know in a few sentences:

Last Friday, there were reports that Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s Ron Burkle-backed deal to regain ownership of Miramax, the indie and art-house film company they founded and later sold to Disney, had broken down after weeks at the negotiating table.

Then on Saturday, the Weinsteins came out saying those media reports were over played and that they were still in talks with Disney.

Then on Monday, Disney confirmed it had officially ended its negotiations with the Weinsteins.

And now today (sorry for the lede-burying!), Reuters confirms what many had speculated: that Disney has officially resumed talks with the Gores brothers, two elusive financiers who had muscled their way into the mix with competitive bids back in April, and who are simultaneously pursuing Overture Films.

Stay tuned!

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