Sorry, But This Motorola Laptop-Phone-Dock Is Dead On Arrival

Sanjay Jha Motorola laptop dock

Photo: Engadget

Motorola showed off a phone at CES today that docks with a laptop-like gadget, so you can use your phone to power the machine that looks like a laptop.(Our understanding is that the laptop doesn’t work when the phone isn’t connected to it.)

Sorry, but this is a terrible idea, and will never be a big seller.

Assuming you need both a phone and a laptop, why would you want to be required to power your laptop with a phone?

What if you want to use your phone and type at the same time? What if you want to upgrade phones? Do you need to get a new laptop? What if you want to upgrade your laptop? Do you need to get a new phone?

Phones and laptops are cheap enough that it doesn’t make sense to combine them. Especially because this dock probably isn’t going to be free. And it may not even be cheap.

So this isn’t going to fly.

(Not to mention that the Motorola phone dock weighs “just” 2.4 lbs, which is just a hair more than the 11-inch MacBook Air, which doesn’t need a phone to operate.)

It’s sort of an updated version of the Palm Foleo, which was announced in 2007, but was canceled a few months later.

Like the Foleo, we expect this plan to either get shelved before it launches or soon after.

There’s just no reason to buy this.

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