A Sorority Girl Asked Tim Tebow To Be Her Date To A Formal On YouTube

It’s become quite vogue to post a video on YouTube asking a celebrity to accompany you to an event, and what’s even weirder is that it works a lot more than it should.  Enter Brittany Salvesen, member of the Christian sorority Sigma Phi Lamda  at Midwestern State University (Texas), who has gone and done what many have before her by asking Broncos starting QB Tim Tebow to be her date for sorority’s upcoming formal.

The whole thing reeks of cuteness, from Brittany herself, the underlying nervousness in her calm demeanor, right down to the way she and her sisters giggle when she forgets to actually ask Tebow to the formal.  It’s so charming and sweet that multiple viewings might give you diabetes.

Here’s the video: 

 YouTube credit: bipi0580

When you think about it, Tim Tebow is the perfect choice in companion to squire young Brittany to her sorority’s event. Not only is he young, eligible and handsome, but odds are that he’ll be nothing but a perfect gentleman the entire night. And let’s not forget that with Tebow as her date she won’t have to worry about having Roofies slipped in her drink without her knowledge, or be subject to the dreaded “Walk of Shame” that invariably comes with a night of wild partying and promiscuity.

What do you think?  Will Tebow say yes to Ms.Salvesen’s proposal?  Seems like the kind of thing he would do, and not for publicity, but rather because he’s genuinely a good and decent person.  Plus it’s not like he won’t have the free time, especially after the Steelers dismantle Tebow’s Broncos on Sunday.

[H/T to Outside the Boxscore]

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