Singing Waitresses Make Payout After Song Left Wedding Guest "Physically Sick"

Wedding SingersNot the Wedding in question.

Photo: Soprano Bella

Two British opera fans who paid a group to sing at their wedding have received a £1,500 ($2,345) payout after they say the wedding was ruined by the singers, who made one guest “physically sick”.The Telegraph reports that Virginia and Alan Lynch had hired the group from Soprano Bella, a group that uses the gimmick that singers pose as waitresses and chefs until breaking into song. They paid £2,500 for three singers at the wedding in September 2010.

Then things went wrong.

Apparently Soprano Bella’s own sound engineer put the music up so loud that guests were left in pain. One guest, Dr Volkhardt Freitag, a music professor from Germany, said, “I finally decided to protect my ears by shutting them with my hands.”

(Thankfully, as this was a wedding, there was a photographer. Head over to The Daily Mail for pictures >)

Virginia Lynch also told the court involved of of her sister-in-law, who “left the room because the over-amplified sound made her feel physically sick”.

Apparently matters went from bad to worse when the singers performed an impromptu Abba medley, further torturing the guests.

The case went to court but was settled this week with a £1,500 ($2,345) check and an apology. However, Soprano Bella has their doubts about the validity of the case.

‘The puzzle has always been that the bride and groom got up to dance to the Abba medley, which was the sixth of seven songs,” said company director Katrina Murphy. “If it was as bad as they say, why didn’t they stop the act?’

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