Women's Cross Country Skier Competes In A Tank Top Because It's So Hot In Sochi

American cross country skier Sophie Caldwell made a late equipment change to help her deal with the warm temperatures during the women’s 10km classic race on Thursday.

She wore a tank top during the race, r/olympics points out. A few skiers opted for short sleeves, but Caldwell and fellow American Sadie Bjornsen were the only ones to go completely sleeveless, the AP reports.

Temperatures were in the low 60s by the coast and the low 50s in the mountains. It’s a positively spring-like Winter Olympics.

Dealing with the heat isn’t a typical concern for Winter Olympians, but then again Sochi isn’t your typical host city.

There’s something surreal about this:

Sophie Bjornsen goes sleeveless too:

A big difference from Caldwell’s equipment earlier in the week:

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