Soon you'll be able to walk into Officeworks and get your 3D printing done

Guy Kawasaki standing next to his 3D scanned image of himself.

You will soon be able to get all your 3D printing done at Officeworks.

After introducing 3D printers to its retail line earlier this year, the stationary chain will, from June 15, be offering the service to its Victorian customers.

The process will be just like getting photos printed.

Essentially you’ll be able to walk into the Russell Street Officeworks store in Melbourne with a USB stick, choose range of materials, colours and sizes and around two weeks later your 3D printed object will be delivered.

Providing the backend support is an Australian 3D printing company called Keech 3D.

There will also be a full-sized scanning booth in Officeworks’ Russell Street store which people can walk into and get themselves scanned by 160 cameras and a mini 3D replica printed.

It is expected initial demand will come from small businesses who wish to have prototypes printed, as well as architects and students working on projects.

Costing hasn’t yet been revealed but work on the in-store booth, which the company is calling a 3D Experience Centre, began last week.

The Melbourne store is the first to offer the service and will act as a trial to see if the concept is favourable.

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