Soon You'll Be Able To Use Electronic Devices On Qantas Flights During Takeoff And Landing

Source: supplied

Qantas has asked Australia’s air safety regulator, CASA, for approval to let passengers keep their personalised electronic devices (tablets and smartphones) switched on during take-off and landing.

A decision is expected within a month or two, meaning passengers can continue to listen to music, watch video or play games on their tablet and smartphone during the entire flight, provided it is switched to flight mode. A number of American and European carriers already allow passengers to keep their devices switched on.

Qantas is the first Australian airline to apply to CASA for permission as it expands its entertainment offerings and shifts towards back-of-seat screens and iPads for passengers.

The airline is also increasing the use of a closed wifi system in planes so passengers can access the on-demand entertainment via their own electronic devices.

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