Soon you'll be able to call an Uber from Microsoft Outlook

Soon enough, you’ll be able to set up an Uber ride from right within your Outlook email account.

The feature was announced on stage today at today’s Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco. There’s a new tool in Microsoft’s Office apps that lets developers tap into any Office app. Microsoft is giving developers a preview of the feature, but hasn’t announced when support will officially roll out just yet.

Microsoft showed off how Uber could work in Outlook as an example.

The way it works seems pretty straightforward: Enable the Uber app within Microsoft Outlook, and it will prompt you to set up a ride appointment to go along with any events on your calendar.

When your appointment is coming up, the Uber app on your phone will buzz to let you know it’s time to actually book your ride.

And since it’s sucking data in from your Outlook, the app (and thus, the driver) will already know where you’re going. Just click and ride.

You’re going to see a lot more apps like this in Microsoft Office coming up very soon, as Microsoft works to open it up to outside developers. Salesforce, Focusing, SAP, and more companies are launching their own Office-extending apps very soon.

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