Soon, You’ll Be Able To Buy Stuff On Xbox Live With PayPal

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A spring update to the Xbox 360 will add international support for PayPal and a new kind of game disc with more storage.

Gaming blog Joystiq got a document from an Xbox tech support staffer warning of the spring update, which will roll out on May 19.

The document says that gamers in some countries outside the U.S. will be able to use PayPal to buy points, content, and subscription material purchased on the console. It says this is the only user-facing part of the update. (U.S. users can already use PayPal to make purchases.)

Update will also support a new game disc format called Xbox Game Disc Format 3 (XGD3), which will have more storage and better copy protection than the current discs.

This could be the source of the recent CRAZY rumour that EA was testing a new version of the Xbox, which EA later denied. More reliable reports say that the next Xbox is still in early development and won’t ship until 2014 at the earliest.

Here’s the document from Joystiq:

Xbox spring 2011 update doc

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