This crazy idea lets you sail around the world in a co-working space that’s a catamaran

Image: Coboat.

It seems entrepreneurs will go to the end of the world to ensure their idea is disruptive, different and catchy.

And with a bunch of co-working spaces opening up all around the globe, differentiating yourself is now even more important.

Enter Coboat. A co-working space which is actually a 30-metre catamaran that sleeps 20 people.

Setting sail from Thailand in November, Coboat offers weekly or monthly bookings at around $1,000 a week, which includes accommodation, catering and a crew to sail you around.

That’s not much more than renting a two-bedroom apartment in Sydney – without the commute to work and stopping off at Coles on the way home.

The catamaran will be in Southeast Asia for at least three months before heading west towards the Maldives and the Seychelles. The team hopes to be in the Caribbean by the end of next year.

“On a sailboat, you spend 24 hours a day in a collective,” co-founder Karsten Knoor said. “This is an unusual situation for regular co-working and it’s amplified by the blending with nature and water.”

As for internet connectivity, the team says they’ll be using 3G and 4G when close to shore and satellite when out in the rolling seas.