Sony Plows Ahead With Its 'Perfect Day' PS4 Launch Despite Death Of Lou Reed, Who Wrote The Music

Sony needs today’s PS4 launch to be the “Perfect Day,” and has been using the late Lou Reed’s hit single of the same name to promote the console.

Since its release in 1971, critics and fans have been debating whether the song is about an ex-girlfriend or heroin — Reed had plenty of experience with both.

Sony and New York ad agency BBH recognised the song’s celebration of sedated pleasure as well as its dark undertone with their commercial. In it, buddies place themselves in their PS4 games and sing Reed’s single as they happily destroy each other:

The campaign actually premiered right before Reed died in October, but the rock star’s death may actually make the ad more relevant due to the surging popularity of Reed’s work.

Sony posted a second-quarter loss last month, but stands to gain billions with the PS4 and purchases of video games and streaming media.

Sony expects to sell three million Ps4s by the end of the year, with an additional two million sold between January and March.

The console’s $US399 price tag is $US100 cheaper than that of Microsoft’s Xbox One, which comes out next week.

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