Sony-BMG: We Don't Have A QTrax Deal, Either

Not a huge surprise at this point, but Sony-BMG doesn’t have a deal with free music service QTrax, says a person familiar with the situation, who says the two companies are in discussions.

For the record, that means that QTrax doesn’t have a deal with any of the four major music labels for the ad-supported, peer-to-peer download service it is debuting this morning.

Does it matter? “This is a tempest in a tea cup,” Klepfisz told CNET in an interview Sunday night. “It’s true, some of the deals may not be locked in ink, but it’s also true that we had understandings. In some cases, we had endorsements.”

A less optimistic spin: The absence of contracts could force QTrax to pull the majors’ music from its catalogue of available songs, which would essentially cripple the service. That may be the case, at least for now: After downloading and installing the Qtrax client, the service told us that downloads were “coming soon.”

Update: QTrax says it’s really going to launch, someday.
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