Sony-BMG Cuts: "Less Than 20"

The Sony-BMG layoff axe landed this week. We hear the company’s Columbia label was hardest hit, but we also received this comment from a reader on Thursday: “So it happened today for sure. Some label marketing people at Epic records, sales, and online (of all the places, digital? for real?). Not sure who else…”

How many people? We don’t know: We had originally heard 40 to 70, but the NY Post claimed that just 20 were going this week. Now we hear “less than 20.” Our original source still insists that the total will be much more than that; another chimes in with an estimate of 45. If they’re right, it’s possible that the cuts will be spread through out the joint venture between Sony (SNE) and Bertelsmann, which has outposts throughout the world. If you have details, please post below are send us e-mail: tips AT alleyinsider DOT com

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