30 gorgeous, winning images from this year's Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography AwardsSecond place, Natural World, by Ami Vitale.

The Sony World Photography Awards is the largest photo competition in the world. Now celebrating its 10th year, the awards program has received more than a million submissions since its inception.

For the “Professional Competition,” photographers must submit a body of work — at least five images — that explores a single subject. There are ten categories, and first-, second-, and third-place winners are chosen within each.

The highest honour within the competition is the “Photographer of the Year” award, which is chosen regardless of which category photographers submitted their work to. Keep scrolling to see this year’s winners.

First place, Architecture -- Dongni, China

First place, Conceptual -- Sabine Cattaneo, Switzerland

First place, Contemporary Issues -- Tasneem Alsultan, Saudi Arabia

First place, Current Affairs and News -- Alessio Romenzi, Italy

First place, Daily Life -- Sandra Hoyn, Germany

First place, Sport -- Yuan Peng, China

First place, Natural World -- Will Burrard-Lucas, United Kingdom

First place, Still Life -- Henry Agudelo, Colombia

First place, Professional Portraiture -- George Mayer, Russian Federation

Second place, Architecture -- Julien Chatelin, France

Second place, Conceptual -- Alexander Anufriev, Russian Federation

Second place, Contemporary Issues -- Li Song, China

Second Place, Current Affairs and News -- Joe Raedle, United States

Second place, Daily Life -- Christina Simons, Iceland

Second place, Landscape -- Kurt Tong, United Kingdom

Second place, Sport -- Eduard Korniyenko, Russian Federation

Second place, Natural World -- Ami Vitale, United States

Second place, Still Life -- Shinya Masuda, Japan, Professional

Second place, Portraiture -- Romina Ressia, Argentina

Third place, Architecture -- Diego Mayon, Italy

Third place, Conceptual -- Gao Peng, China

Third place, Contemporary Issues -- Lorenzo Maccotta, Italy

Third place, Current Affairs and News -- Ivor Prickett, Ireland

Third place, Daily Life -- Alice Cannara Malan, Italy

Third place, Landscape -- Peter Franck, Germany

Third place, Sport -- Jason O'Brien, Australia

Third place, Portraiture -- Renshi Chen, China

Third place, Natural World -- Christian Vizl, Mexico

Third place, Still Life -- Christoffer Askman, Denmark

Photographer of the Year, Landscape -- Frederik Buyckx

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