Sony: We Still Love Useless Discs

Sony is celebrating the third anniversary of its PSP portable game player — by insisting on pushing a format its customers don’t want.

Sony exec John Koller tells IGN that despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it’s convinced that PSP owners are psyched to buy movies for the gadgets on Sony’s UMD format.

What’s the UMD? It’s a classic Sony mistake — a non-recordable, proprietary format that only works on the PSP. Sony had grand hopes for the format a couple years ago, but no one else is buying.

But Koller insists that they will, one day:  “70s romantic dramas for 30 dollars is a non-starter, but Jackass for between 10 and 15 seems like it’s kind of hit a sweet spot.” Really? Then please tell us why XXX: State Of Union is selling for $23 at Best Buy.

Koller does talk up another idea that makes a little more sense: Allowing PSP users to port Blu-Ray movies, and some conventional DVDs, to a memory stick so they can be played on your PSP. That sounds much to commonsensical, so we’re sure there’s a catch.

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