Sony: We're Not Cutting Prices On The PS3 (SNE)

no price cut

Sony says it’s going ignore the armchair pundits who say the company has to make another price cut on its premium-priced PS3.

Here’s Kazuo Hirai, president of Sony’s video games division, in the WSJ:

“We’re not looking to do that (cut prices) this year. It’s not in our plans right now.”

This sounds right to us. Sales of the PS2 — a profitable console — are finally slowing down (-7% y/y to 13.7 million units), and sales of the PS3 — an unprofitable console — are skyrocketing (156% y/y to 9.24 million). Of course, that’s due in part to a price cut the company already made in its console price. But if it can keep growing at a triple-digit rate, it won’t have to go into markdown mode for quite a while.

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