Sony Vaio To Carry Chrome As Default Browser

google chrome tbi

All of Sony’s (SNE) Vaio PCs in the U.S will use Google’s (GOOG) Chrome as their default Web browser, the WSJ reports.

The PCs will also come packaged with Internet Explorer browsers.

WSJ: “Our decision to carry Chrome is based not only on the browser’s quality and functions, but also on our relationship with Google,” a spokesman for the Japanese electronics conglomerate said.

The spokesman noted that Sony currently doesn’t have any specific plans to start putting Chrome in Vaio PCs sold outside the U.S.

According to ComputerWorld, Chrome currently has a market share of 2.9% and the Internet Explorer has a 66% share of the market.

Google said that the partnership was a way to make Chrome accessible to more people — by which it means Web searchers who will click on Google’s ads.

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