Sony Used This 8-Year-Old To Write Its New Xperia Phone Ad

jake ryan sony imdb

Photo: IMDB

When Sony Ericsson and ad agency McCann Worldgroup made a commercial to introduce its new Sony Xperia phone using the theme “Made of Imagination”, they decided to commission script ideas from experts of whimsy: children.Director Wes Anderson grilled 75 children in New York, London, and Los Angeles about what made an Xperia work. Jake Ryan, an 8-year-old actor from Long Island, had a perfect idea: robots. Three robots. “Tiny, tiny little robots,” to be exact.

He has a way of thinking that’s kind of advanced,” McCann executive producer Greg Lotus told Adweek. “He’s obsessed with robots, I can tell you that.”

Using Jake’s audio, Anderson created a commercial for the phone that’s more “Fantastic Mr. Fox” than “The Royal Tenenbaums.” The Icelandic band who does music for “Planet Earth,” Jonsi, scored the spot.

Nine custom sets, 37 hand-crafted models, and more than 10,000 man hours to “create a commercial made entirely of imagination.”

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