Sony Testing Mysterious New Game Hardware In Japan


Sony (SNE) executives continue to insist there’s no PS4, no PSP2 is in the works, and there’s a “10 year plan” for the PS3.

But a job listing on a Sony Japan website suggests the company is testing something in Tokyo. We don’t speak Japanese, but Kotaku does:

The listing’s Q&A reads: “This is specifically for a new model and unannounced game hardware for PS3, PS2, PSP and its peripherals.” Note: In the original Japanese text, Sony separates those hardware platforms with commas only (there’s not an “and), making it somewhat vague whether this is new hardware for each or all three.

This is a full time position. It starts this March and looks to run a year. There’s a one month trail period, after which those awarded the position can look to make over ¥1,000 (US$10.70) per hour. Travel expenses are covered, and there’s the possibility for a raise. This position is in Tokyo and is not open to students.

The most likely explanation is some sort of minor evolution of the PSP or PS3. With the PS2, for instance, later models were substantially thinner than first-gen PS2 consoles.

Particularly with the PS3, Sony has already been able to cut the build price from $690 to $449. Sony execs recently said there’d be no price cuts on the PS3 until the company reduces manufacturing costs even further. So if there’s a new PS3 model being tested, we hope the company was able to make it cheaper, and not just slimmer.