Sony Slapped With Blu-ray Patent Lawsuit (SNE)

The latest tech company to fall prey to a patent troll: Sony, which is being sued for allegedly violating a patent with its Blu-ray discs that an unknown company holds on “optical disc recording.”

Orinda Intellectual Properties is suing Sony for violating patent 5,438,560, which was originally granted in 1995 to Hyundai Electronics Industries, and patents “an optical disk-shaped recording medium comprising a plurality of tracks.” The company is seeking an injunction on manufacturing, selling and distributing Blu-ray devices, as well as a “reasonable royalty,” the video game site Edge reports.

But companies file patent lawsuits like this all the time — Sony was hit with one about Blu-ray already last year and it was dismissed. So what makes this one different? It’s filed in East Texas, a region that has some friendly judges who are very broad in their interpretation of patent infringement. In May, Nintendo fell prey to an East Texas judgment and had to pay $21 million to no-name Anascape Ltd. for violating a patent regarding game controllers.

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