Sony's Blu-ray Win Not Paying Off Yet: Americans Love Their Old DVD Players

From Clusterstock:

Sony (SNE) did not even mention the word “Blu-ray” in their 10 page earnings report yesterday. So what gives? Didn’t Sony win the platform war and crush HD-DVD? Yes, but consumers don’t care.

In a survey of 2,529 US adults in a recent Harris Poll, only 4% claimed to own a Blu-ray player, while 6% said they still owned HD-DVD players. Meanwhile, 87% of people claimed to own DVD players, making the player practically ubiquitous. The bad news for Sony is that only 9% of non-Blu-ray owners said they would likely buy a Blu-ray player within the next year, even after being informed it was the definitive next-generation player.

Also, while 4% claimed to own Blu-ray players, 5% claimed to own the (Blu-ray playing) PlayStation 3!

The bottom line is people don’t own Blu-ray players, people aren’t planning to buy Blu-ray players, and at least 20% of people who own a PS3 don’t even know they have a Blu-ray player. So much for having a 50% share of the DVD market by the end of the year.

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