Sony Requests Developers To Look At Move And 3D Support In PS3 Titles

sony move

Photo: Gizmodo

By James BrightmanKillzone 3 is a shining example of what’s possible graphically on PS3 (even though it doesn’t max out the console), and it’s also a title that reinforces two important PS3 technologies: 3D stereoscopic visuals and PlayStation Move support. This is the kind of support that Sony would love to see in most of its big PS3 titles. 

IndustryGamers asked PlayStation software senior brand manager Scott McCarthy if there’s an actual “mandate” for Sony’s internal development studios to look at adding support for 3D and Move, and while Sony isn’t literally forcing it on its developers, it’s definitely something that’s strongly suggested.

“Whenever we come out with new technology, whether it’s Move or 3D, there is always the request that goes out to the [development] teams that says, ‘Hey it would be great if you could implement it.’ We know that adds to the layer of not only the marketing message we have access to but it also adds to the availability of different Sony channels that we can broadcast our message out to,” he explained.

Using the upcoming MLB The Show 2011 as an example, he further elaborated, “So if we weren’t 3D [with The Show], we wouldn’t be on Sony’s 3D channel. It allows us to have a broader voice within the PlayStation Nation itself.”  

While some third parties are embracing both Move and 3D, it really is up to Sony to push the technologies forward on PS3, and as McCarthy alluded to, it has the extra benefit of allowing for a wider marketing message throughout Sony’s divisions.

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