Sony PSP: Four Reasons You (May) Want One

There was a time when Sony’s PSP was the sexiest piece of tech on the market. The company vowed to remove consumers from the handheld gaming ghetto, and it was tough to argue, thanks to a system that was almost on par with PlayStation 2. Battery life was an issue, but the design put Nintendo’s crude looking original DS to shame.

Then, the unthinkable happened. DS exploded with a variety of million selling hits. PSP, meanwhile, was harshly criticised for an overabundance of ports and eventually, Sony’s apparent lack of interest, with a near barren release calendar.

Thing is, PSP was a huge success, PSP Go notwithstanding. It still plays host to a huge library of games spread across multiple genres, with new titles arriving each month.

That said, convincing someone to buy one is tough, especially with Sony’s NGP (Next Generation Portable) on the horizon and Nintendo’s 3DS sitting on store shelves, but the seven-year-old PSP packs a ton a ton of fun in a small package.

On that note, and if you never owned one, here are four reasons why purchasing a PSP makes sense.

It’s less expensive than the competition


Let’s face it, at $249.99, the 3DS doesn’t necessarily scream impulse buy. Neither do the iPhone and iPad. You’ll save a lot of cash going with the disc-based PSP, which retails at a more affordable $129.99; it’s even cheaper used.

There’s a wonderful library of games


After snagging a unit, you can select from thousands of games, most of which cost $19.99 or less. Dig a little, and you’ll find multiple Final Fantasy titles, new entries for Silent Hill and Metal Gear, as well as trademark Sony franchises like Killzone,Resistance and God of War.

You also have the option of purchasing these games online via PlayStation Network, which you can then transfer to NGP, providing you buy one.

It’s a multi-purpose device


Apple receives a ton of credit for the iPhone’s many features, but PSP is no slouch, with the ability to play movies and MP3s. Even better, there’s no two-year contract.

Systems and games have disappeared


The old saying is true. You don’t appreciate something until it’s gone. It’s almost impossible to find the Metal Gear, God of War and Kingdom Hearts branded PSPs in stores, and some games are only available used, with missing instruction manuals and inserts. Amazon is still your one stop shop for all things PSP, but this won’t last forever. If you collect video games and need a PSP, now’s a good time to buy.