Sony PS3 to Steamroll Nintendo Wii / Xbox in 2008

Distant No. 3 game console vendor Sony (SNE) will make a comeback in 2008 as consoles increasingly get used as media hubs, says analyst Piers Harding-Rolls at Screen Digest. Meanwhile, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says forthcoming PS3 price cuts will allow the once-dominant gaming platform to put up a less-pathetic showing against Microsoft’s XBox (MSFT).


“One of the market shifts to watch out for in 2008 will be the continued evolution of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from games consoles to multi-media hubs… Now that these multi-media services – online video, IPTV, digital terrestrial TV and PVR functionality – are now available or poised to come on line in different markets, this ‘hub’ strategy is emerging as a key console battleground for Microsoft and Sony.”


It is pretty clear that price makes a difference. As PS3 prices have gone down, sales have gone up.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is was crushing both Xbox and PS3. Too bad it ran out of Wiis.

As the holiday selling season enters its stretch run, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which retails at $280, continues to enjoy a comfortable lead over Sony’s PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 sold 770,000 units last month compared with 466,000 units for the PS3, NPD said. Both systems are currently being outpaced by Nintendo’s Wii, which at $250 sold 981,000 units. (NY Post)

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