Sony PS3 Price Cut Around The Corner

Sony’s (SNE) PlayStation 3 is still getting its butt kicked by Nintendo’s (NTDOY) cheaper Wii and Microsoft’s (MSFT) older Xbox 360: In April, Sony sold an estimated 127,000 PS3s in the U.S., according to research firm NPD Group. That’s 30% below Microsoft’s Xbox sales — and Nintendo’s Wii is still outselling the PS3 almost 3-to-1.

Based on comments from Sony’s earnings call yesterday, now it seems the company is preparing price cuts to make the PS3 more affordable — and give the platform a chance. (For more context, Sony sold 35% more price-reduced PS2s last month than PS3s, according to NPD.)

Daniel Ernst – Hudson Square Research

…on the Game division, after flat sales in the PlayStation 3 for the year you just reported you’re forecasting a 30% increase, which is positive, but does that assume a price reduction in the plan for both the units and the profitability of the group?

Nobuyuki Oneda – Sony CFO

…In the case of the pricing strategy for the PS3, please allow me not to make any comments at this moment. This is a very serious issue, so if I announce, you know, the price strategy, that’s where I’ll fix the inventory level. I’m sorry.

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