The best deal in gaming just got more expensive

Sony’s PlayStation Plus service has been a sweet deal for video game fans since it launched in 2010.

Each month, subscribers to the service get two free games on each of Sony’s video game platforms (PS4, PS3 and Vita), as well as a bevy of discounts on other games. It’s also required for online multiplayer on PS4.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a slightly less sweet deal soon.

Starting on September 22, a yearly subscription to PlayStation Plus will run you $60 in the U.S. instead of $50, Sony announced in a blog post on Monday. In Canada, the hike goes up to $70 CAD. A three-month subscription will now be $25 USD/$29 CAD, and monthly subscription will rise to $12 CAD and remain unchanged in the U.S.

Rebel galaxyDouble Damage Games‘Rebel Galaxy’ is one of the free PlayStation Plus games for August, and it’s rad.

Despite the news, it doesn’t look like the PlayStation Plus service will be improved or changed in any way. Sony says the change “reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members.”

Even for $60 USD, PlayStation Plus is still a good value. Amazing indie games like “Rebel Galaxy” and “Gone Home” have been free on the service in 2016, exposing them to whole new audiences that wouldn’t have seen them before. Big games like “NBA 2K16” also occasionally show up for free, and obviously online multiplayer is a pretty important thing for lots of players out there. Still, it’s tough to see this and not feel slightly ripped off if you’ve been paying the previous rate for several years already.

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